Cousin Marriage
Reference and Resources Notebook

The perfect gift! For any couple who wants to know the facts about cousin relationships, this notebook contains it all in one location. No more searching the internet for "proof" that your love is legitimate!

The perfect tool! Whether you need documentation to ease the concerns of family and friends, to educate your child's teachers, or to lobby for legislative change in your state, this notebook is a must-have!

The perfect fit! Each notebook is customized to the needs of the individual ordering it. Customized pages include the marriage laws specific to your geographical location and religious preference. We'll even include a marriage license application for the state in which you live!* (Legislator's copies do not include marriage license application or religious reference materials.)

* Marriage license applications not available from all states.

You can even opt to have it shipped directly to the legislator or other individual of your choice!

The material in this notebook is all available on the internet at no charge. Unfortunately, knowing how and where to find the information is time consuming and often frustrating. That is why we offer you this notebook, complete with everything you need to know, collected and organized into a three ring binder. Page count varies depending on your customized preferences, but averages 80+ pages of information.

What's included:

  • C.U.D.D.L.E. brochure
  • CousinCouples brochure
  • Cousin Couples Fact Sheet
  • Also included are three professional profile questionnaires, so that you can ask your attorney, minister, and medical providers to complete for our upcoming directory.

  • Section 1: Kinship and Genetics

  • Kinship Chart and Definitions
  • Lederberg Letter - Joshua Lederberg won a nobel prize in medicine. His letter, originally published by Ann Landers, provides a compelling argument against the genetic myths of consanguinity.
  • Genetic Fact Sheet - The NSW Genetic Education Program makes understanding the risks and how they apply easy enough for anyone to understand.
  • Genetic Overview - from C.U.D.D.L.E. International
  • Birth Defect Comparison - Five full pages of common (and uncommon) birth defects, their causes, and the applicable risk (if any) to offspring of first cousins.
  • Genetic Counseling - explains the benefits and limitations of genetic counseling, what is involved, and how to prepare yourself for that first visit.
  • Section 2: Laws and Prevalence
  • US Map - shows you where it is or is not legal to marry.
  • Legalese - handy chart comparing the various state laws and their "fine print".
  • Constitutional Challenge - Article written by NY Law Professor Joanna Grossman challenges the constitutionality of legal prohibitions against cousin marriage.
  • World Map - Global prevalence of cousin marriage, provided by Alan Bittles, Co-director of the Centre for Human Genetics.
  • Frequency in the Americas - More from Alan Bittles, this two page chart is only a portion of the information giving statistical analysis of the frequency of cousin marriage in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other countries on the American continents.
  • Section 3: Surveys and Statistics
  • Cousin Relationships - Statistical evaluation of 132 responding couples includes geographical location, relationship status, income and education levels, occupation sampling, and health of children.
  • Public Opinion - Based on 38 responses, this survey gives insight into how others view cousin relationships before and after learning the facts. (Hint: only 10% of individuals who took the time to educate themselves said their opinion remained unchanged!)
  • Section 4: Articles from the following sources
  • NY Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • The Doctor's Guide
  • University of Washington
  • Mercer Island Reporter - gives a good look at the background of the lead author for the report that gained international attention.
  • Section 5: Custom Pages
  • Articles specific to a particular religious faith (for example: Christians would receive "A Biblical Perspective on Cousin Marriage", by Christie Schuler Smith, and an article from
  • Legal statute for the state, or country (if available) that you live in.
  • Marriage License Application for the state you reside in, if available. Applications are from government websites.
  • Recommended Reading - List of non-fiction educational books about cousin marriage, as well as contemporary novels and classic literature featuring cousin romance.
  • What Does This Cost You? The price for each notebook is $25.00, plus a flat rate of $6.50 S/H.

    Why Does This Cost You? You can look this information up on the internet for free. You can even print it all out from your home computer. Or you can pay for the information to be printed, organized, customized, and arranged in an attractive binder. You aren't paying for the information, you are paying for the "clipper" service provided. The price you pay covers the paper, printing, hole drilling, the binder, and the time that goes into producing each notebook. These notebooks are not mass-produced; they are custom made to fill each order as it is placed. The S/H charge covers the cost of the packaging and postage. In most cases, your S/H cost will be a little less than the actual cost.

    Do I make any profit? Yes and no. I am charging enough to clear a few bucks per notebook, most of which will be used to produce notebooks to send to educators and lawmakers of my choice.

    What About Copyrights? Because each notebook is produced upon request of an individual, I act as a "clipper service", which does not violate any copyright laws. All contents of the notebook include the copyright ownership information, and the website address from which it was obtained.

    What about non-US residents? Because the costs of shipping overseas is prohibitive, Canadians can contact Jasper about obtaining a Canadian version.  (Canadian laws will be provided in both French and English. All other information is in English only.) Jasper can produce the notebook and ship it throughout Canada without the international shipping charges raising the price too much. At this time, I do not have anyone in other countries who can produce notebooks. If you're interested, please contact me.

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