Cousins in the Media

Although C.U.D.D.L.E. International has only been in existence for a short time, the battle for public awareness regarding the plight of cousin couples has been going on for quite some time. During the time when many of this organization's administration were with, there were a number of media interviews, some of which are highlighted here. There were a number of other media interviews, some of which have been forgotten, and some which would be better left forgotten.

In most circumstances, transcripts and audio streams were unavailable.  The Shannon Burke show did allow an audio file of the interview to be made available, and currently resides at Cousin Couples.

Radio Interviews
KJFK Houston, Shannon (Shondo) Burke

Shannon Burke (aka Shondo) has moved to Florida, and now "appears" on WFLA News Talk Radio from 6-9 a.m. each M-F.

When he was still with KJFK in Austin, Martin Ottenhiemer and Christie Smith were featured guests of his program.

The audience response was typically one of shock and non-understanding, but Shannon was a very hospitable host.

Side 1 (Martin Ottenhiemer)
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Side 2 (Christie Smith)
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KABC News Radio, Al Rantel 

On  March 2, 2001, Al Rantel of L.A.'s KABC News Talk Radio, did a very positive show about cousin marriage. Featured guests included C.U.D.D.L.E. founder Christie Smith, and "KC" from

Audio not available

NPR, Robert Siegel 

Robin Bennett, president elect of the NSGC and a consultant for C.U.D.D.L.E. International, provides information about genetic risks.

This interview by NPR's Robert Siegel was originally broadcast on NPR's All Things Considered® on April 4, 2002, and is used with permission of National Public Radio, Inc.  Any unauthorized
duplication is strictly prohibited.

Audio File description opens in a new window and must be played from there.

WDVD, Rocky Allen

This interview with Christie Smith covers alot of ground in less than ten minutes of time. There is a bit of everything in this interview, including how the taboo came about. It's not a very good quality audio file, and there is some volume variances near the end. 

MP3 Audio Download

Television Appearances
Montel Williams, 2000

It was a cold day in April, NYC, when Montel Williams featured guests such as administrators Mark and Christie, James and Susanne, Martin Ottenheimer, and Cousin Couple Dan and Theresa on his program. The show did not air until May of that year. 

All respect for Montel's staff was lost as a result of how the show and its guests were handled, but overall it was not bad.  Dan's angry mother stole the show, but the audience was so put off by her ranting that their response to the issue of cousin marriage was more accepting than might otherwise have been.

Transcripts available from Burelle's
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Montel Williams, 2002

Montel Williams is producing another segment on this issue as well. Robin Bennett, Christie Smith, and an attorney who believes prohibitions are unconstitutional will be part of the expert panel. The show will be taped May 15, 2002. Check here frequently for a schedule of when it airs.

Transcripts available from Burelle's
(See bottom of page for details)

Articles in Print
Fox News brings Cousin Couples out of the closet.

Perhaps the most successful interview, in terms of visibility, was done by a journalist by the name of Michael Y. Park.  His article was featured in the Foxlife section of A number of radio interviews resulted from the article, and during the month that followed, saw record numbers of new visitors.

NY Times Newspaper

April 4, 2002- Front page article in the NY Times, details of the guidelines, and interview with Robin Bennett, our genetic consultant, and KC (referred to in the article as "Mr. T." The article was picked up and reprinted in newspapers around the country.

Chicago Tribune

April 8, 2002- Article in Chicago Tribune, interview with Christie Smith, and in the new issue of Time Magazine, which includes an interview with me and possibly with KC as well. This article was also re-published by newspapers around the country, and can be read for free at Detroit Free Press.

Time Magazine

April 15, 2002 issue- Time Magazine's article, "Cousins: A New Theory of Relativity" was published. The article is now archived on their site and can be read only by subscribers or by individual purchase.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

An article for Cosmo is scheduled to run in the August 2002 issue. Several couples from C.U.D.D.L.E. were interviewed.

Redbook Magazine

An article for Cosmo is scheduled to run in the September, 2002 issue. Several couples from C.U.D.D.L.E. were interviewed.

Discover Magazine

Discover magazine is doing an article from a more scientific perspective. Date of publication is unknown. 

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