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June, 2002:
C.U.D.D.L.E. is moved to a new server.
CuzKids Worldwide website is launched.
Online texts of several classic books featuring cousins or their children added to CuzKids.

May, 2002:
C.U.D.D.L.E. gains media attention through radio, magazine and news interviews.

April, 2002:
Patricia S. donates some much needed software.
Journal of Genetic Counseling publishes report on consanguinity,
setting a national standard of guidelines for medical community.
Positive media blitz begins to make a change in society's bias.

April, 5, 2002:
Robin Bennett, MS, CGC,  joins C.U.D.D.L.E. as a consultant. Ms. Bennett is president-elect of the National Society for Genetic Counseling and co-author of the report in the JGC. We are thrilled to have her support, expertise, and assistance with providing accurate genetic information to the public.

March, 2002:
New chat room script installed.
E-greetings feature installed.
Blackjack and Chess games installed.

February, 2002:
Site design and content completed.
Listed with Open Directory Project.
General Petition added.
Copyright Infringement discovered (
Copyright dispute resolved.
Registered as supporter of APIC.
Guestbook added.
Lederberg Letter added.
Spanish Version added.
Listed with Google Search Engine.

First round of letters sent out to genetic counselors offering directory listings

January 6, 2002:
C.U.D.D.L.E. International goes live.

December 20, 2001:
Purchased domain name and server space.

December, 2001:
Canon lawyer Amy Jill Strickland joins C.U.D.D.L.E. International as a consultant. Ms. Strickland's field of expertise is issues of marriage within the Catholic Church. Like our other consultants, her interest in consanguinity is purely professional and has never engaged in a romantic liason with a cousin.

December, 2001:
CU.D.D.L.E. International welcomes Dr. Martin Ottenheimer, who agreed to officially serve as a consultant to our organization. Dr. Ottenheimer is a professor of anthropology at Kansas State University, and author of the book Forbidden Relatives, an in-depth study on the issue of consanguinity which challenges the myths about genetic risks and examines the historical evolution of U.S. legal impediments to such unions. Look for an article written for our organization in the summer of 2002.