Welcome to the Cuddler's Chess Club!

Unlike the Blackjack Parlour, there is no chat feature in the chess club. And unlike the game of BlackJack, the administrators of this site have no idea how to play chess, so you are on your own. There is a help file, but it doesn't give detailed instructions on how to play.

Although you are not required to finish a game in one sitting, it is recommended that you complete each game within a day or two. The administrators will be clearing each board at least once per week to allow others to play. There are currently four boards. If you will be leaving your game unattended, you would be wise to password protect your moves. Once you have made your move, you may want to email your opponent to let them know, if you are not staying at the game.

This script will not inform you when your game is over. It will, however, inform you of illegal moves.

If you are ready to play, enter through the chess board below. You can disable javascript on the board at any time during your game if you don't want the popup window to make your moves in. If you want your winning games listed, drop us an email and we'll post a congratulatory note on the bottom of this page :)