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Articles for CuzKids, by CuzKids
Underlined titles are articles that are already written.
All articles that are not yet written are up for grabs! If you think you would like to write one of these articles, or have another article in mind, please visit the "writers" page for information!

      Help! My Life Is Over!
Of all the ppl in the world, why does your parent have to be in love with a cousin???
    Stuck In The Middle Again!
What to do when your OTHER parent doesn't approve of the relationship...
    The "Weirdos" On The Block
So the whole neighborhood thinks your family is weird? Set them straight!
    My Mom's Pregnant With A Monster!
Will your new baby brother or sister be deformed or retarded?
      I'm Not A Freak!
How to avoid becoming the school freakazoid...
        I Can't Help It, I Was Born This Way!
Finding out for the first time that your mom and dad are cousins...

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