Administration and Staff

Volunteers currently staff C.U.D.D.L.E. International. At this time, "positions" are still open, particularly as Director of Operations in various other countries. Directors of Operation would be responsible for arranging foreign language translations, contacting professionals for inclusion in our directory listings, and distributing educational materials.


Christie Schuler Smith
Former partner at, writer, researcher. Christie has been married to her first cousin once removed since 1999.

Mark Smith
Former moderator at Mark has been married to his first cousin once removed since 1999.

Director of Canadian Operations:

Susanne Gordon
Canadian Director of Operations. Susanne and her first cousin currently reside together with their children.

U.K. Representatives

Sarah and Tedd
Sarah and Tedd are first cousins, married in 2002, and are expecting their first child. They assist with the printing and distribution of informational literature.

Site Operations:

Christie Smith: Site design, most maintenance.

Dennis Vink: Server maintenance and Technical Support, Multi-media and Flash
Dennis, known here as Riedel, supports the cause of cousin relationships and hosts our site.

Jeremy Winder: html formatting, (online books - cuzkids) site back-ups
Jeremy is involved in a cousin romance, and exhibits a wisdom and intelligence well beyond his years.

Taye: Graphics Design, Proofreading
Taye is engaged to be married to her first cousin.

KC: Script and technical support
KC is the founder and owner of His assistance in script support has proved invaluable.

KitKatBar: Various technical support issues
KKB has offered her expertise in site maintenance, which although have not yet been utilized, her assistance may be required at any time in the future.

CuzKids WorldWide Network:

Advice, content, and other assistance:

Riley is the 19 year old child of a cousin relationship.
JMS is also an adult child of a cousin relationship, and is also involved in a cousin romance.

Many other members provide a variety of services, including printing, proofreading, promotion, and monitoring.

Senior Content Consultants:

Consultants for C.U.D.D.L.E. are not official representatives of our organization. They provide voluntary and informal assistance only to ensure the accuracy of the information we provide to the public.

Dr. Martin Ottenheimer

Author of the book "Forbidden Relatives", Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University. Dr. Ottenheimer is married to a non-relative.

Amy Jill Strickland
Canon lawyer, area of expertise Catholic Marriage Law. Ms. Strickland has never been personally involved in a cousin-romance.

Robin L. Bennett, MS, CGC
President-elect of the National Society for Genetic Counselors. Ms. Bennett co-authored the report which set the national standard for evaluating consanguineous couples, and which was published in the April 2002 issue of the Journal for Genetic Counseling.